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MicrosoftTeams integration setup guide

Followings are the steps needed to perform integration of Microsoft Teams account with callhippo account:

Now, login to your CallHippo account by following url:

Go to the Integrations option from the left hand side vertical menu.

You can find Microsoft Teams integration either from the list of available options on integrations section by scrolling the page or from the Search option given on top right corner on that same page or by clicking directly on Communications in categories options on left vertical bar:


Click on Connect in Microsoft Teams integration and it will show below popup:

Now click on Add to Microsoft Teams and it will take you to your Microsoft account page. Enter your credentials there and login to your account. After that it will ask for permissions, which you have to “Allow” to complete the integration process.


After that it will redirect you to integration page and your integration with Microsoft Teams account is done:

Now click on the gear icon in Microsoft Teams integration block. One popup will open where you can select options for call and/or sms. You will have your microsoft account’s users/channels as options.

Features of Microsoft Teams Integration:

Whenever you will have any outgoing/incoming calls/SMS in your CallHippo account, you will get a message on your selected options(which you have selected by clicking on gear icon).

You can select multiple options for sms/call.

If a user has selected some channels/users for his call/sms activity and if those channels/users are deleted from Microsoft account either by user/admin then those channels/users won’t be visible in the webapp next time.


Asked permissions prompted while in integration are necessary for successful integration.

Integration must be performed with admin account

Once permissions are allowed, your account will not be asked next time for the same permission again.


Updated on: 11/04/2022

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