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How to Integrate noCRM with CallHippo?

Login to CallHippo and go to the Integrations section.

Search noCRM in the search box.

noCRM img

Click on connect.

Enter the API and Domain name of your noCRM account. If the noCRM URL is, the domain name would be just callhippo.

Enter API nocrm

As soon as you enter the details and click on “CONNECT NOW” the page will reload and show the integrations setting page.

Integration settings nocrm

Here you can make the changes to get the activities of calls and messages.


A. Call Activities performed with a noCRM lead will reflect in your noCRM.
If you have enabled this toggle, All the Call activities that are performed on a noCRM lead through CallHippo will reflect in noCRM as below.

B. Show the activities of SMS sent in the Activities section
If you have enabled this toggle, All the SMS activities that are performed on a noCRM lead through CallHippo will reflect in the activity of noCRM lead.


Configurations nocrm

- You can also configure which type of call status activities will be logged in the noCRM.

Connected Numbers:

Connected nos

Note: The activities for the above-selected number(s) only will be synced with noCRM.

Now you can see noCRM is integrated with CallHippo.

noCRM img 2

Hurray!! You have completed your integration with noCRM.

Now go to your noCRM account and create a lead.


You need to Install the CallHippo Click-to-Call Chrome extension from the below link. Once the click-to-call extension is installed it will appear in all leads and as soon as you click on the icon the call will be made.

Now connect your calls through CallHippo extension by clicking on extension of every lead. open the lead and click on the extension to call.


Now you can see the dialer opening to connect the calls.


You can check the activities in lead.


Features provided with noCRM Integration:

1-Your calls will be directly connected through the CallHippo chrome extension

2- Your all leads/contacts will be directly synced to CallHippo dialer if called from CallHippo Click to Call chrome extension.

3- You will get the activities under leads for all the calls made from the extension/dialer


4- CallHippo allows the functionality to open the dialer or use the browser extension of CallHippo. If the checkbox is enabled, this will open the dialer in a new tab on clicking the phone number. If the same is disabled, it will reflect the extension beside the phone number, and clicking on it opens the CallHippo extension in the web browser. To use the callhippo extension, you must download it and enable for the browser.

CallHippo extension


Contacts deleted from noCRM will not be deleted automatically from the Dialer unless the integration has been removed from the CallHippo WebApp.

By default, the option for receiving notification of unattended calls are disabled from the noCRM portal. To receive the notifications, one must enable it from the admin panel of noCRM portal. Below is the path to enable it.

Go to Admin Panel

nocrm admin portal

Go to Integrations - Phone App Settings.

nocrm integrations stgs

Scroll down to bottom and select the "Attach the missed calls and notify the user".

nocrm scroll

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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