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How to integrate CallHippo with Pipedrive?

If you are looking to activate your Pipedrive integration with CallHippo, here are the steps you need to follow.

Integration setup CallHippo account:

Step 1. Login to your CallHippo account

Step 2. Go to the INTEGRATIONS section of your dashboard and click on Pipedrive Integration

Step 3. Then click on the “Connect” button and it will take you to the login page of Pipedrive 

The Following are the steps to perform for Pipedrive Integration:

Step 4. Login using your Pipedrive credentials and you will be redirected to the CallHippo dashboard to continue the other steps of integration

 Step 5. After the successful Login in Pipedrive you’ll be directed to the permissions page. Click on the continue to the App button to provide required access for integration.


Hurray!!! You have now successfully integrated Pipedrive with CallHippo.  

Integration status shows “Integrated”. And once contact syncing is completed, we will update you by email.

Integration Settings: 

Now your CallHippo account is successfully integrated with Pipedrive and you will be redirected to the CallHippo with Integration Settings popup. In which you can customize the functionality of Pipedrive through CallHippo. 


Call Activities performed with a Pipedrive Contact Reflected in your Pipedrive

If you have enabled this toggle, All the activities that are performed on a Pipedrive contact through CallHippo will reflect in Pipedrive as below


Show the Activities of SMS sent in the activity section

If you have enabled this toggle,  All the SMS activity will log in the Pipedrive Activity section 

Sync contact from CallHippo to Pipedrive

Contact you add/update in CallHippo will also add/update in Pipedrive if this toggle is enabled.


 You can also configure which type of call Activity will be displayed in the Pipedrive              

   Activity section from below Configuration Setting.


You will be able to see the call logs for the call done from a particular Pipedrive deal as follows. 

Features provided with Pipedrive integration:

Your all existing contacts (with at least one phone number) will be synced with CallHippo.

Whenever you add new contact or update existing contacts in CallHippo it will also add/update in Pipedrive.

Whenever you update or add a new contact in Pipedrive. it will automatically sync to CallHippo.

When you create any new deal with the associate to contact. It will be synchronized with CallHippo.

Whenever a call is made to Pipedrive contact with CallHippo dialer, Call log activity will be synced to your Pipedrive contact detail page. If there is a new deal created for that contact, Call activity will be shown on the deal detail page as well.

Whenever an SMS is sent to Pipedrive contact with CallHippo dialer SMS log will be synced to your Pipedrive contact detail page.


If the user is registered with in CallHippo and with in Pipedrive, what will happen?

Ans - When a user is logged in with in CallHippo and with in Pipedrive, then all contact information will be synced with the CallHippo account. Hence it does not matter if the admin emails are different in Pipedrive and CallHippo. 

If the user has 4 users in CallHippo with email IDs:,,,, and 3 users in Pipedrive with email IDs:,,

A) What will happen if calls with one of the CallHippo’s number which is registered with Pipedrive? Will the logs come in Pipedrive? With what agent name? 

Ans - Yes, logs will come in Pipedrive with the admin name. 

B) If calls through Pipedrive, that user’s name will come in the logs or the admin’s name will come? 

Ans - User name will come in logs of Pipedrive.

C) If a new user is added in CallHippo ( and that user with the same email ID already exists in a Pipedrive account, when will these 2 users get synced? Is syncing not required? 

Ans - when CallHippo users provide integration rights to their sub-user ( Syncing is not required.

D) If the NAME or EMAIL of the user is changed in Pipedrive, when will it change in CallHippo? 

Ans - Yes.

E) If the above user details are changed in CallHippo, will it change in Pipedrive? 

Ans - Yes.

F) What will happen if is deleted from Pipedrive, will the integration of in CH and Pipedrive be unsynced? When will it happen?                       

Ans - Data will not be removed from CallHippo if a user is removed from Pipedrive.

G). If the contact information is changed from Pipedrive, when will it reflect in CallHippo? 

Ans - First make sure that the account is integrated with Pipedrive and contact Information will be reflected when the user updates their contact information in Pipedrive. (on triggered). Provided the Phone number field is not empty in the contact info.

H). If the Pipedrive integration of an account is removed, the Pipedrive contacts from CallHippo will be deleted?            

Ans - Yes, all Pipedrive contacts will be deleted from Callhippo. 

I). What versions/plans/packages of Pipedrive do we support for integration? 

Ans - All versions.

J) In which cases the contacts in Pipedrive will not be added in CallHippo? 

Ans -  If the CallHippo account is not connected with Pipedrive other than, the a whenever a user will create a contact in Pipedrive then the contact will be added in CallHippo. The phone number field should not be empty.

K) Will the incoming calls be visible in the deal? 

Ans - Yes.

L) If the user has Deal-1 and Deal-2 for the same contact.  

Will all the outgoing calls done to the contact be visible in both the deals? No, the outgoing calls done from a particular deal will be visible in the ACTIVITIES section of that DEAL ONLY

                        Ans - Yes, but an outgoing call will be visible in deal with open status in Pipedrive.

Will all the outgoing calls to the contact be visible in ACTIVITIES?

Ans - Yes, all the outgoing, as well as incoming calls, done to a contact will be visible in Pipedrive’s ACTIVITIES section. It will also give the information if a call was made from a deal or not.

M). If a contact has multiple numbers in Pipedrive, all the numbers will be added in CallHippo? How? 

Ans - Yes, contact will be added with the first five phone numbers.


Updated on: 19/04/2022

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