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How to integrate CallHippo with HubSpot?

If you are looking to activate your HubSpot integration with CallHippo, here are the steps you need to follow.

The Following are the steps to perform for HubSpot Integration:

Setup HubSpot account:

If you wish to get CallHippo Call status in the outcome of Call activity, Please follow the below steps to configure your HubSpot account.

Step 1. Go to settings -> Activity -> Track call outcomes Edit options

Step 2.  It will open a sidebar popup as given in the image below. Here you need to create all the CallHippo status in outcomes. Just add all the CallHippo status exactly( given below), one by one by clicking the Add outcome button and then save it.

Here is the list of Call statuses. If you would like to skip this step Call status will be mapped to respected Outcome automatically as given in the below table.

The Following are the steps to perform for CallHippo:

 Integration setup CallHippo account:

Step 1. Login to your CallHippo account. 

Step 2. Go to the left side pane and click on Integrations.

Step 3. A window with different applications listed will appear. Find HubSpot and click the Integrate button under it.

Step 4. You’ll see a pop-up window on the screen with Connect Now button

Step 5. Once you click on Connect Now, you will be redirected to the HubSpot login screen, If you are already logged in HubSpot you will be redirected to the Choose Account screen

Step 6. In the HubSpot Accounts screen click on your HubSpot CRM account. If you see multiple accounts in the list, please select the account you want to integrate with CallHippo. 

Step 7. Once you click it, you’ll be directed to the permissions page. Click on the Connect app button to provide required access for integration.

Once you Grant the access you will be redirected back to the CallHippo. 

Hurray!!! You have now successfully integrated HubSpot with CallHippo. Integration status shows “Integrated”. And once contact syncing is completed, we will update you by email.

Integration Settings  

Now your CallHippo account is successfully integrated with HubSpot and you will be redirected to the CallHippo with Integration Settings popup. In which you can customize the functionality of HubSpot through CallHippo.

Call Activities performed with a HubSpot Contact Reflected in your HubSpot

If you have enabled this toggle, All the call activities that are performed on a HubSpot contact through CallHippo will reflect in HubSpot contact’s activity as below


Sms Activities performed with a HubSpot Contact reflected in your HubSpot Account

If you have enabled this toggle,  All the SMS activity will log in to the HubSpot contact’s Activity section 

Sync contacts from CallHippo to HubSpot

Contact you add/update in CallHippo will be also added/updated in HubSpot if this toggle is enabled.

Log calls and texts against deals associated with Company

 Log calls and texts against  Deals that are associated with the company. You can turn it on/off with this toggle. 


You can also configure which type of call activity will be displayed in the HubSpot activity section from below the Configuration section.

Connected Numbers: 

You can select for which numbers call and SMS activity should be logged from the below Connected Numbers Section.

Features provided with HubSpot integration:

Your all existing contacts and companies (with at least one phone number) will be synced with CallHippo.

Whenever you update or add a new contact or company it will automatically sync to CallHippo

Whenever you update or add a new contact in CallHippo it will automatically sync to HubSpot.

When you create any new deal with the associated contact It will be synced with callHippo.

Whenever a call is made to HubSpot contact with CH dialer then Call log activity will be synced to your HubSpot contact detail page. If there is a new deal created for that contact, Call activity will be shown on the deal detail page as well.

Whenever an SMS is sent to HubSpot contact with CH dialer then the SMS log will be synced to your HubSpot contact detail page.

Calling Extension:

Once you complete the HubSpot-CallHippo integration successfully, you can directly make calls using the CallHippo extension within the HubSpot CRM. 

Here are the simple steps to follow:

Go to your HubSpot contact/company/deal detail page. And click on the call icon.

It will open you calling options in HubSpot. Select “CallHippo” as your calling provider. And click on Call

It will open the CallHippo dialer and automatically initiate an outgoing call to the contact.


Updated on: 11/04/2022

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