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How to integrate CallHippo with a Custom Webhook?

Login to

Go to the Integrations tab.

On the Integrations page, you will find the REST API.

Go to the Webhook section.

Click on the Connect button.

→ Provide URLs on which you want to get data of your call and SMS logs.

→ We provide data by POST method in JSON format.

→ The URL should be an HTTP URL with POST method for which the GET method will have to be ensured from your end. After every call or SMS, we provide data by the POST method in JSON format. Sample data given below:

Call Activity response example:


   "activityType": "call",

   "from": "+9323243432",

   "to": "+41232132131",

   "callType": "Outgoing",

   "duration": "08:10", 

   "status": "Completed",

   "time": "2020-05-12T00:53:57.688+0000",

   "callCharge": "0.040",

   "email": "", //optional

   "callerName": "Demo User", //optional

   "adminEmail": "", 

   "callSid": "CA5fcabcd366fac3fe8c00c111f135e123",

   "startTime": "2020-05-12T00:53:57.688+0000",

   "endTime": "2020-05-12T01:01:05.688+0000",

   "note": "Call notes goes here", //optional

   "recordingUrl": "https://recording.XXX.mp3", //optional


SMS Activity response example:


   "activityType": "sms",

   “content": "SMS text goes here",

   "from": "+9323243432",

   "to": "+41232132131",

   "smsType": "Outgoing",

   "status": "Completed",

   "time": "2020-05-12T00:53:57.688+0000",

   "smsCharge": "0.040",

   "email": "", //optional

   "smsSendBy": "Demo User", //optional   

   "adminEmail": "", 


Webhook Response Parameters:

activityType : Possible values call / SMS.

from: From which number you got a call or you dial from number.

to: On which number you got a call or you dial to the number.

callType : Incoming / Outgoing.

duration: Duration of a call (MM:SS).

status: Call-related status. possible values are Completed, Missed, Rejected, Voicemail, Welcome message, IVR message, Unavailable, Cancelled and No Answer.

time: Call log created datetime.

startTime: Call start datetime.

endTime: Call end datetime.

callCharge: Call charges.

callerName: CallHippo user name who did or received a call.

note: Call notes.

recordingUrl: Recording URL of your call.

callSid: Unique ID of call.

email: Agent email associated with call or SMS.

adminEmail: CallHippo account owner email.

content: SMS text (if activity type is sms).

smsType :  Incoming / Outgoing.

smsCharge: SMS charges.

smsSendBy: The name of the agent who sent the SMS.


Updated on: 11/04/2022

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