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How to integrate amoCRM with CallHippo

Steps for Setting Up the Integration-

Step 1- Log into your CallHippo account.

Step 2- Go to the left sidebar menu of your dashboard and click on Integrations.

Step 3- Select amoCRM and click on Connect button. It will open a pop-up in which you need to click on the Connect Now button.

Step 4- You will be redirected to amoCRM login page. Please login with your amoCRM admin account ID.

Step 5- Once you login successfully, you will be redirected to amoCRM access page. Here you need to select your amoCRM account you want to integrate and then click on ALLOW button

Step 6- Once you click on the Allow button you will be redirected to the CallHippo app and your amoCRM integration will be highlighted as integrated. That's all. You have successfully integrated your amoCRM account with CallHippo.

How the Integration Works?

Upon successful integration, all the existing contacts and contact with leads, companies (with phone number) in amoCRM will be synced to the CallHippo dialer.

Any contact, lead or company added or updated in amoCRM, will be automatically sync to CallHippo.

Call and SMS activity: CallHippo will create a note with Call, SMS  in respective contact or lead or company.  upon every call/SMS done through CallHippo dialer.


Call activities in lead will be only displayed if lead is associated with any contact/company.


Updated on: 19/04/2022

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