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Engagebay Integration Setup Guide

The Following are the steps to perform for Engagebay Integration:

Step 1.Login to your Engagebay account:

Step 2. Click on the profile picture icon on the right top corner of dashboard:


Step  3. You will get drop down there. In that drop-down click on Account Settings:

Step  4. On the Account Settings page from the left-hand side menu, click on “API & Tracking Code”:

Step 5. Copy the REST API key shown on that page and note it down somewhere to use it in the CallHippo integration setup process.

Followings are the steps to perform for Integration:

Step 6. Now, login to your CallHippo account by the following URL:

Step 7. Go to the Integrations option from the left-hand side vertical menu.

Step 8. You can find Engagebay integration from the list of available options thereby scrolling the page and also from the Search options given on the top right corner of this page:

Step 9. Click on the “+CONNECT” button of Engagebay integration, you will get the following popup:

Step 10. Enter the REST API key which we have noted earlier and click on the CONNECT NOW button and you will get an integration successful message.

Features of Engagebay Integration:

Contacts, companies, and deals present in the engagebay account would be synced gradually.

Call and the activities would be sent to the Engagebay account as a task to the contacts/companies/deals.

Users won’t be mentioned in tasks

.Succeeded/ failed deals won’t be synced.

Newly added/updated contacts/companies/deals would be synced with a maximum 2 hours period.

Limitations of Engagebay Integration:

Deleted contacts from Engagebay will not be deleted from CallHippo Dialer.


Updated on: 11/04/2022

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