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How to add a new number in your account?

If you are an existing customer and want to add a new number to your account, you can do so in just three simple clicks. Here are the steps:

Log in to your CallHippo dashboard and click on the ‘Numbers’ section.

Click on ‘Add Number’.

Now, you will have to choose a number from the list of countries, your chosen country will represent the number of that particular country.

Once you select the country,  a new page will open which will have a list of numbers

On this page, you will observe two drop-down options which are →

Number Type:- Search for a local/mobile/toll-free/national number

Search By:-  Search for a specific number or prefix/area code. This means that if you have any specific number or a prefix in mind, you can refine your search accordingly.

Enter a prefix:- You can enter a prefix in order to search for a number.

After selecting the number, you will be able to view a pop-up asking for confirmation. Click on “Yes”

Enter your card details to make the payment

Note:- Some countries require an address proof or an ID proof for verification. When you submit the requested documents of the authorized user, our team will verify them and activate your number.


Updated on: 11/04/2022

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